OmegaDophilus - 30 day supply

OmegaDophilus - 30 day supply
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OmegaDophilus - 30 day supply

OmegaDophilus - is a new food supplement from Bionutri which contains natal nutrients and provides a combination of DHA an essential omega3 fatty acid, along with supportive vitamins, minerals and lactic acid bacteria that can be taken before becoming pregnant, during pregnancy and while lactating. Pregnancy places extra nutritional demands on a woman's body and common medical advice is to increase the intake of certain essential nutrients prior to becoming pregnant, throughout the pregnancy and whilst breast feeding after birth. Dietary supplementation of key nutrients is one way to ensure any shortages in the diet are covered. DHA is required throughout, especially during the third trimester in which time accelerated brain growth occurs. DHA is essential for healthy eye development and development of the nervous system and immune system. International experts recommend a minimum level of 300 to 500mg of DHA daily for pregnant and lactating women. OmegaDophilus contains vitamins C, D, folic acid, B6 and B12 and the minerals iron and zinc which support important biological processes for both the mother and developing infant. The inclusion of the lactic acid bacteria Acidophilus, Bifidum and Bulgaricus which have a natural place in the digestive system can promote healthy gastrointestinal function and immune health.

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